Webex Precision Idler Rollers

It all began as an idea in 1972 to construct idler rolls for a local consumer goods company in the Fox River Valley of Neenah, Wisconsin. More than 40 years later, we are an industry leader with a solid reputation for understanding the needs of our customers. We engineer the right solution and provide the highest quality Webex precision idler rollers in the industry.

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Webex的工程师立足于自身的丰富设计经验,借助自主知识产权分析软件,精确射击外表温度差 ±1º F (0.5º C) 的导热辊。同时,Webex也专业定制各种超精密、特殊镀层及细表面导热辊。


当您的卷材不适合双面接触,无法采用夹辊设计时,Webex真空辊为您提供理想的解决方案。同时,它们可以安装于气浮烘箱(一种适合卷材双面涂覆的设备)前,是极佳的张力隔离和控制点。 真空辊通过真空吸附住卷材,使其紧贴筒体,增大摩擦力,防止卷材滑移。


Webex standard idlers are perfect for many applications. But when your web requires special handling, look beyond the Webex standards. This is where custom machined surfaces and modifications can...

The even distribution of lateral tension and vibration-free operation provided by these rolls isideal for the separation of slit webs, elimination of web wrinkles, slack edges and soft spots.




Through the teamwork of popular brands Magnat Fairview, FOX, and PFE, Webex can provide any roll you may need in the paper production or finishing process. From press rolls at the wet end of a...

Webex precision heat transfer / chill rolls are now offered with ASME BPVC Section VIII, Division 1 certification. Rolls are certified to and stamped with R or U ratings.

For more than 40...