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MAGPOWR IP-80 Current to Pressure Transducer

  • Operates with any pneumatic clutch or brake regardless of make or size
  • Compact size
  • Complete and ready to install
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring output pressure
  • Dual air filters with automatic drain
  • High flow and exhaust characteristics
  • Rugged vibration and shock resistant industrial duty unit
  • Shock & Vibration Effect on Output Pressure: Negligible at 3 G between 5 to 200 Hz

Versatility, accuracy, durability and ease of use. These are the things you look for in a current-to-pressure transducer, and that’s exactly what you get in the MAGPOWR IP-80. Built into this compact, vibration- and shock-resistant industrial duty unit is an accurate, easy-to-read pressure gauge that monitors output pressure. The flexible IP-80 operates on normal filtered shop air and allows a wide variation in supply pressure, offers high flow and exhaust characteristics to insure rapid response of any clutch or brake and can be placed almost anywhere. The IP-80 includes the transducer, 20-psi reference regulator, dual reference air filters with automatic drains, air regulator and volume pressure booster.

MAGPOWR IP-80 Specifications

  • 输出0 to 80 psi
  • Maximum Supply Air Pressure250 psi
  • 输入4 to 20 mADC
  • Minimum Supply Air Pressure5 psi above maximum required, 35 psi minimum
  • Flow Capacity40 scfm at 100 psi supply and 20 psi set
  • Exhaust Capacity5.5 scfm at downstream pressure, 5 psi above setpoint
  • Brake Pressure Gauge2 inch dial, 0 to 100 psi50.8 mm dial, 0 to 100 psi
  • Filters3 micron with automatic drain
    0.01 micron with automatic drain
  • 重量5.9 kg13 lb
  • 尺寸318 mm x 203 mm x 111 mm12.5 inch x 8 inch x 4.375 inch
  • 安装(4) 7.9 mm diameter holes spaced 273 x 152 mm(4) 0.3125 inch diameter holes spaced 10.75 x 6 inches