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Fife Pro-Trac 150B Electromechanical Sensor Positioner

  • Low-cost, self-contained positioner ideal for edge or center guiding applications
  • Display and motor controls are combined in a single unit for easy installation
  • Adjusts for either side of process line readout
  • Shows either inches or millimeters; up to 3-digit display
  • Shows either web width or sensor position
  • Adaptable to almost any guide installation
  • Remote Control panel installation up to 50 feet away
  • Sensor mounting available for virtually every Fife sensor
  • Custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements
  • Sensors, controls, and actuators are selected based on your guiding system requirements

The Pro-Trac 150B is a low-cost, self-contained sensor positioner designed for standard-duty operations. Supplied with remote controller/digital readout, the Pro-Trac 150B is easily adapted to any process line for remote and/or centralized positioning capabilities.

This positioner uses an extruded aluminum body, providing a maximum overall length of approximately 1651 mm (65 inches). The Pro-Trac 150B is ideal for any edge guiding or center guiding application. Whether used as a completely self contained unit or added to an existing guide installation, various sensor mounting adaptors make virtually any orientation possible.

Pro-Trac 150B Specifications

  • 辊面长度3,000 mm118.11 inches
  • 移动速率34 mm/s1.34 inch/s
  • 电源12 / 24 VDC
  • 工作温度5 - 60˚ C41 to 140˚ F
  • 保护等级IP54