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RotoRepel and RotoRepel RX

  • Reduction in adhesive build-up on all adhesive types – less die wear and damage
  • Significant reduction in number of press shutdowns – press run faster and longer
  • Dies are easier to clean and return to inventory ready to run again
  • Fewer missing labels and reduction of blocking in rewind reducing waste and inefficiencies

Minimizing Challenges and Maximizing Uptime – What’s an Hour of Press Time Worth to You?

Probably a lot! RotoRepel™ leads to happier press operators and less press frustration. On a flexible or solid die, RotoRepel™ pays for itself in the first use. Learn more about how RotoRepel™ maximizes your press’ performance by navigating through the menus below.

For FDA-complient applications, ask your local sales representative about RotoRepel RX!