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Tidland Pneumomechanical Shaft

  • Outstanding concentricity and ‘truth-of-run’ characteristics
  • Elimination of roll flexing
  • Increased winding accuracy

The Tidland Pneumomechanical Shaft combines the advantages of mechanical and pneumatic shafts. The expanding elements are permanently locked by springs during normal operation but may be quickly collapsed by compressed air, allowing faster reel handling. This shaft can be used in a wide variety of unwind and rewind applications including sensitive materials in the film and paper industries.

The mechanical locking of the Tidland Pneumomechanical Shaft is inherently more reliable than pneumatic locking which greatly improves the working reliability of the shaft. This is of particular benefit to applications with long continuous production runs as in the case of the cast film industry.

The Tidland Pneumomechanical Shaft is designed to suit applications where high loads are run at high speeds. On core sizes of 76 mm internal diameter the shaft has an operating speed range of 150 – 700 metres per minute. It can be used with 1500 mm wide rolls up to 1270 mm in diameter at weights of up to 2000 kg. The high torque capacity of the shaft makes quick accelerations and rapid emergency stops possible. In addition shaft handling is enormously simplified compared to conventional mechanical shafts. Supplying compressed air collapses the expansion lugs in an instant, reducing reel change over times and improving overall productivity.

Tidland Core Size and Shaft Length Comparison

  • Type LA
  • Core Size70 mm2.76 inches
  • Shaft Length500 mm19.69 inches
  • Torque Capacity470 Nm
  • Estimated Shaft Weight6 kg13 lb
  • Type LS
  • Core Size70 mm2.76 inches
  • Shaft Length1,500 mm
  • Torque Capacity1,648 Nm
  • Estimated Shaft Weight278 kg613 lb
  • Type HA
  • Core Size76 mm2.99 inches
  • Shaft Length1,000 mm
  • Torque Capacity1,040 Nm
  • Estimated Shaft Weight147 kg324 lb
  • Type HS
  • Core Size76 mm2.99 inches
  • Shaft Length2,000 mm
  • Torque Capacity2,338 Nm
  • Estimated Shaft Weight477 kg1,052 lb
  • Type HA
  • Core Size76 mm2.99 inches
  • Shaft Length2,500 mm
  • Torque Capacity3,117 Nm
  • Estimated Shaft Weight303 kg668 lb