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Tidland Boschert Safety Chucks - Automated Models

  • Economical solution for superior core shaft support and torque transmission
  • Unique self-closing feature for increased safety
  • Many sizes and options, suitable for paper, paperboard, film, foil, textiles, nonwovens & metals
  • Durable construction provides reliable performance and long-lasting operation
  • Tapered ramps guide shaft journal into support chamber for quick, easy loading and unloading

Tidland System Boschert Safety Chucks are a pre-engineered solution for roll support and torque transfer in unwind and rewind applications. With a variety of options depending upon the level of safety and automation required, these versatile chucks deliver reduced setup times, improved roll quality, and lower maintenance costs.

Automated Safety Chuck designs further improve safety and reduce setup time in new installations or as an easy, cost-effective retrofit for Manual Safety Chucks. Remote activation of chuck opening and closing insures that hands are removed from potential pinch points, while redundant mechanical safety locks further prevent opening while in operation or operating while open.

Boschert Automated Chuck Specifications

  • A40 / P40
  • Shaft Length114.3 mm4.5 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight per Pair1,600 kg
  • Journal Square40 mm1.57 inches
  • Torque350 Nm
  • Speed1,350 RPM
  • Brake Model250, 305T, 380
  • A50 / P50
  • Shaft Length114.3 mm4.5 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight per Pair2,800 kg
  • Journal Square50 mm1.97 inches
  • Torque1,100 Nm
  • Speed1,350 RPM
  • Brake Model305T, 406
  • A80
  • Shaft Length114.3 mm4.5 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight per Pair7,000 kg
  • Journal Square80 mm3.15 inches
  • Torque2,350 Nm
  • Speed900 RPM
  • Brake Model460, 610