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Tidland Mill-Duty Leaf Shafts

  • Available in many sizes to accommodate most applications
  • Durable construction designed to withstand abuse and abrasion
  • Manufactured to your specifications
  • Leaf-Style design delivers more winding surface, and is best for the elimination of core deformation
  • 360 degree radial expanding grip allows for the winding of single or multiple rolls, with or without cores
  • Journal detail can be customized to fit existing equipment
  • Optional fixed leaf design for concentric high-speed winding
  • Optional cantilevered support to suit machine design needs

The Series 750 Leaf Shaft is designed for heavy-duty in 178 mm to 610 mm (7 inch to 24 inch)  ID cores, as well as in coreless operations. The largest diameter leaf shaft available, this shaft is excellent for tougher jobs such as winding metal and foil strips. It can also be used as a reel spool for Paper reels and large paper machines.. These leaf shafts provide successful roll control and elimination of thin wall core deformation. With 360-degree radial expanding grip along the entire leaf face, the Series 750  delivers more winding surface and allows for the winding of single or multiple rolls, with or without cores.

With smooth, polished external leaves, these shafts are particularly suited for delicate materials. Leaf Shafts are built tough, with bodies constructed of standard steel or alloy steel, and internal tubes made of durable, hard-wearing rubber. The simple modular construction and standardized components mean quick off-the-shelf spares service and easy in-plant air system maintenance when necessary.

Mill Duty Torque Capacities per Nominal Core Size*

  • Nominal Core Size203.2 mm8 inches
  • Fiber Core461 lb-in
  • Steel Core304 lb-in
  • Nominal Core Size254 mm10 inches
  • Fiber Core671 lb-in
  • Steel Core443 lb-in
  • Nominal Core Size304.8 mm12 inches
  • Fiber Core1,107 lb-in
  • Steel Core731 lb-in
  • Nominal Core Size406.4 mm16 inches
  • Fiber Core1,476 lb-in
  • Steel Core974 lb-in
  • Nominal Core Size609.6 mm24 inches
  • Fiber Core2,952 lb-in
  • Steel Core1,948 lb-in

*Approximate Torque Capacity