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AccuStar UltraFilm Flexible Die

Ideal for more challenging films and liners, the AccuStar UltraFilm flexible die is built for speed, precision, and reliability.

Considered the “all-star” of RotoMetrics’ flexible die solutions, The AccuStar™ UltraFilm™ is also backed by the speed, support, and reliability characteristic of all RotoMetrics flexible dies. The AccuStar® UltraFilm™ flexible die features the exacting precision tolerances required to convert the most challenging films and liners in today’s market.

- Integrating Electro Optic Advanced Science to tighten and improve tolerances plus enhance consistency.
- High precision die specifically designed for synthetic face materials on synthetic liners.
- Recommended die for cutting synthetic face materials on synthetic liners down to 92 gauge thin film (23 micron).