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Rodillos de transferencia térmica

  • Diseñado para una amplia gama de aplicaciones de refrigeración o calefacción
  • Capacidad de producción flexible lo que permite producir una amplia variedad de rodillos
  • Mecanizado para satisfacer las demandas más exigentes en la industria
  • Diseño especial de un sistema de distribución de líquidos que garantiza una distribución homogénea y exacta de la temperatura y un alto rendimiento.
  • Cada rodillo es analizado bajo carga y deformación para garantizar la máxima seguridad.

Webex Heat Transfer Rolls Specifications

  • Optional Certifications AvailableISO 9001
    ASME Certified Pressure Vessels (Stamp U and R)
  • Capacidades de rangos de tamañoDiameters from 5 - 122 cmLengths up to 13 mDiameters from 2 - 48 inchesLengths up to 511 inch
  • Opciones de diseñoSingle shell, double shell
    Double shell - spiral: gain pitch or straight pitch
    Fluid flow: mono-flow or duo-flow
    Guaranteed temperatures to within +/- 1 degree F across the face of the roll
    Unique gain-pitch spiral design controls cross product temperature differentials and overall heat transfer characteristics
  • Tolerancias estándardDiametrical within 0.0254 mm Concentricity and straightness within 0.0254 mmPrecision concentricity and straightness to < 0.0025 mmDiametrical within 0.001 inchConcentricity and straightness within 0.001 inchOptional precision concentricity and straightness to < 0.0001 inch
    Optional flawless mirror and a wide range of matte finishing available
  • AcabadoChrome, Nickel
    Rubber, Plasma, Ceramic, Teflon Coating
    Surface Hardened or Weld Overlay
  • Material BaseCarbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
    Aluminum, Copper

For more than 40 years, Webex has been the industry’s first choice in maintaining consistent and cost-effective temperature management with our Precision Engineered Heat Transfer Rolls.
Webex Engineers rely upon industry experience and a proprietary analysis process to predict exactly what the heat transfer results will be prior to manufacturing, to within ±1º F (0.5º C) across the face of the roll. We also specialize in rolls with ultra-tight tolerances, special plating and finishing.
To meet your exact application parameters, every Webex Heat Transfer Roll is designed for optimal balance between heat transfer, minimal pressure drop inside the roll, correct fluid velocity and minimum temperature rise across the roll face. Whatever roll size or specification you need, Webex is the proven source for heat transfer roll performance.

Webex Centers of Excellence

State-of-the-art centers of manufacturing excellence for Webex Precision Rolls